DRAXAS was created by dynamic French designer, Alain Recuze in 2015. The genesis of this amazing creation is tied to a friend’s wedding anniversary which they attended. They wanted to give him a high quality unisex watch that is simple, trendy and affordable. The search for this gift had them walking through various shops and department stores; the items they say were beautiful but very expensive. This made them wonder about getting a watch that is beautifully designed but quite affordable.

This event proved to be a turning point as they decided to create a watch collection that is trendy but affordable. This led to the creation of DRAXAS in 2015. With a solid fundraising platform and their expertise in watch-making; they were able to create a top-quality watch that is full of poise. In view of the various positive reviews that this product has enjoyed, DRAXAS is not only leading the field but has become a household name among savvy fashion enthusiasts.

The name DRAXAS is coined from two French words – Dramatique and Axas. These words symbolize comfort, simplicity, richness and an unending pursuit of top quality. DRAXAS is the choice product for those who want to enjoy high luxury wristwatches at very affordable rates.


Selim Arik is the ambassador of our watch brand Draxas.

Mr Arik was born and lived his whole life in Le Mans. If this town seems familiar to you, it is because this town is famous for her worldwide known race “Les 24h du Mans”.

Mr Arik is not a pilot but boxing is very present in Arik family. His grandfather was the first Moroccanboxer and coach.  He is also semi-professional and gives boxing lessons in his free time.

Selim Arik plans to become a professional boxer soon. In 2015 ,he decided to enroll in modeling and participated in the contest Mister France. He won in March 2016 the title of mister France.


Welcome to your business cooperation with us:

In addition to focus on the design and development of products, Draxas is committed to the development of global sales and service, and provides high-quality watches and very competitive prices for merchants and customers around the world, if you or your company wants to cooperate with us, please contact us via email: info@draxas.com